Today in history


I’ve been putting off, putting off, putting off writing because I’ve been too consumed by the state of American politics.  I have been waiting for moment when I feel I can succinctly capture in writing the despair, the anger, and the anxiety that I have been feeling since November 8th.

But today, I can’t wait any longer to write.  Today is January 28, 2017.  Eight days ago, Donald Trump was given the most powerful position in this country.  In these eight days, he virtually declared war on the press and the voice of science, made moves to end Obamacare, declared a ban of Muslims from a list of countries he hand picked, ended funding for public arts, and the list goes on and on and on.

Today a number of Muslim refugees, including a man who worked for the US government as an interpreter, was denied entry into the US.  And thousands of people all across the country led spontaneous protests at international airports all across the country to build pressure on authorities to let them in.  Lawyers are providing pro bono services to refugees needing legal assistance.  My Facebook and Twitter feeds are blowing up with people expressing support for immigrants and refugees.

In so many ways, this week has been terrifying.  The Republican Party supported and stood by a sociopathic man do tremendous damage to our country in just one week.  Faithful Trump supporters are also witnessing this with the belief that  denying others rights will ultimately benefit them.

But in so many more ways, our country and our world is more beautiful today than ever before.  People from all over the world are rising up against fascism and racism. People who normally don’t get involved in politics are actively organizing campaigns, attending rallies, sharing political news on social media, and actively talking about it with their social circle.  There is an awakening…and I just pray that it’s not too late.

As a citizen, an immigrant, a woman, a human being, the last several months have been very frightening to me.  But as a mother, that level of fear is multiplied by a million.  On a daily basis, intrusive images of my house and my city being bombed haunt me.  I truly fear for my daughter’s life because the person who is currently running our country is mentally unstable and is capable of instigating war at any moment.

The primary thing that has prevented me from caving into my fears is the faith that I have in collective activism.  I have renewed faith in the human spirit to fight against hate and destruction. I have renewed strength in myself to be a part of that fight.

These are all the words that I have for tonight. I just needed to document that I witnessed this very sad yet beautiful day.

And I also need to express one final thing: I am so grateful to everyone who has organized, protested, boycotted, called, written, emailed, volunteered, tweeted, spoken in the movement against the new regime. Thank you for protecting the future for me, my daughter, our community, and all global citizens.